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all skin types|All ages

Daily use cleansing milk with a neutral PH.


Drag and remove all the dirt accumulated on the skin.
Cleanses the skin of adhering environmental pollution.
Eliminates toxins accumulated from sweat.
Also remove skin and eye makeup.
It does not contain soap or alcohol, so it does not cause tension.

How to use.

Face, Eyes, Neck

It is important to clean your faceevery day, once or twice, for the skin to perspire, given the dust of pollution that accumulates and clogs our pores and makes them dirty.

Step 1. Spread a grape-sized amount of product all over the face and massage in upward circles.

Step 2. Drag the product with a damp sponge.

Step 3. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel.

Step 4. To remove makeup, apply the product on a damp sponge and drag the residue, always avoiding stretching the skin, and in circles in the direction of combing the eyebrow, around the eyes.

We recommend you:
Never use soap to clean your skin. Soap dries the skin, because it reduces its degree of humidity.



Can I use cotton instead of a sponge to clean my skin with the product?We always recommend using sponges because they drag the residue that the product removes from the skin much better. 

How do I drag the product and residue if I don't have sponges?
If you don't have sponges, you can go directly to step 3, rinsing your face with plenty of lukewarm water, and using a facial towel to wipe the residue away. 

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