About us

Brand values

Conscious Care


Our production is local.
Our laboratory is located in Barcelona, and we maintain a close and long-standing relationship of trust with our suppliers.

Few products, versatile and very effective.
We produce a range of products that we consider essential for complete but simple skin care. Our philosophy is that of little and good, and we have achieved a line of versatile products that respond to very different needs, always achieving the desired luminosity, elasticity and hydration.
We don't test on animals.
Our products have never been exposed to animal testing. For over 40 years we have proven the wonderful results of our range of products on infinite skin types, and with proper use, unwanted reactions have never been observed, not even on the most sensitive skin.
Both we and the laboratory that makes our products are family businesses with a close relationship and a lot of dedication to what we formulate. We have achieved some unique pH balanced formulas with a perfect balance between natural ingredients and active ingredientsthat stand out for their absorption and effectiveness in improving the skin. Both our philosophy and our formulas seek to move away from the more conventional cosmetic concept of the accumulation of many products, and that has distinguished us throughout all these years.
Personal attention. 
We are at your complete disposal. To listen to you, advise you, accompany you in the best routine for your skin care and take into account all your suggestions. We have always given direct attention to the public in person, from our premises in Barcelona, so for us, knowing your case, solving your doubts and helping you personally is very important.
Recycling and reuse of containers.
At MySkin Barcelona we take responsible action with the life cycle of our packaging after being used. We encourage our clients in Barcelona to return them to our physical center, from where we take care of transferring them to a management center where they are subjected to the best recycling process for their category.
We use environmentally friendly packaging and packaging for shipments, minimizing the use of plastics and prioritizing recycled materials and cardboard.



Our history

Second generation family

Begoña Erauzkin,

born in the Basque Country in 1955 andfounder of the MySkin Barcelona brand, began working 40 years ago inwhat was always his passion. He worked for years and conquered absolutely every person who had the pleasure of going through the touch and softness of his hands.

The cosmetic brands with which he worked did not satisfy him to work on improving the quality of their clients' skin, so in 1982 he partnered with a laboratory in Barcelona tocreate your own brand. It was then thatlaunched its line of cell phone repairers; the perfect complement to the innate talent of your handsand hisown work methodology for skin care.

In 1996 he opened his own physical center in Barcelona. He loyal to his clientele for years and to this day with hisprofessionalism, energy, transparency, closeness and the quality of its exceptional products.


Maite Subias,

born in Barcelona in 1991 and graduated in Communication, she saw clearly that she wantedbet on continuing and expanding the brandthat her mother created with so many years of love, effort and dedication. And, without knowing it, he had been learning from the best teacher all his life. It transformed what was always a customer service business in a local in Barcelona into abrand with digital presence,to reach more people and publicize the products that for years have helpedimprove the skin health of hundreds of people.


Today, next to ateam with which they maintain a very close and trusting relationship,Begoña and Maite work together to continue growing with MySkin Barcelona,maintaining the closeness, values and professionalism of always.