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all skin types / all ages

Bronzer and after sun moisturizer for before, during and after sunbathing.


Refreshing and light
Non-greasy and non-comedogenic.
Immediate absorption gel-like formula.
Contains chamomile, carrot extract, menthol and tea; Ingredients that naturally stimulate tanning and help even out skin tone. Prevents and repairs the damage of solar radiation
It helps to increase the skin's own defenses due to its highly moisturizing action.

How to use.
Face, Body

Despite its low sunscreen, it protects the skin from burns by itshigh moisturizing action. Applying it regularly during sun exposure, it maintains the optimal level of skin moisture, which prevents sunburn.

Step 1. Apply SUN BEAM30 minutes before sunbathing

Step 2. Repeat the application every 20 minutes during sun exposure.

Step 3. After finishing the day at the beach, apply as an after-sun soothing after showering.

We recommend you:

If your skin is very white and you have a tendency to burn in the sun, you can apply a high sunscreenafterto apply Sun Beam.
Remember to cleanse the skin and remove the second product when your sun exposure ends, so that the pores are not blocked by the high protective factor barrier and your skin can perspire again.

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