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dry skin | All ages

Firming oil of essential oils of almond and orange, without preservatives.



Firming and antioxidant action.
Strengthens collagen fibers, rebuilding tissues
Balances the skin's natural oil production.
Provides nutrients, luminosity and a silky skin effectto the face.
Non-comodogenic and direct action.

How to use.

Face, Neck

Its irresistible smell of almonds and orangeand hisnon-greasy texturemakes its application a real pleasure for the senses.

Step 1. Apply once a day, together with MARINE DNA or ANTI AGING, mixing one or two drops in the hand.

Step 2. To aid immediate absorption, massage the face and neck in upward circles.

We recommend you:
If your skin appears oily, you should balance it with plenty of hydration before starting to supplement the moisturizing repairers with DERMO TENSOR.




Can I use DERMO TENSOR if my skin is oily? 

Although DERMO TENSOR is an oil that does not leave a greasy residue on the skin, if your skin has excess oil  you are probably suffering from a decompensation with respect to its hydration, so we recommend that you balance it with a moisturizing repairer before you start using DERMO TENSOR. To do this, cleanse your skin every day with TOTAL SOLUTION and then apply MARINE DNA. Use just these two for a while, until your skin regains its balance and stops showing so much oil. When you feel compensated, you can combine MARINE DNA with DERMO TENSOR without any problem. 


Is it normal that DERMO TENSOR sometimes causes me a slight itch?

Yes, very often DERMO TENSOR causes an itchy sensation on the skin. But don't panic, this is not bad. It does not mean that it is causing you irritation. When the skin is very dehydrated or dry, the direct action of DERMO TENSOR is felt more intensely. It's just acting on your dehydration and it lasts for a few seconds. You can help calm the skin by applying MARINE DNA or ANTI AGING and the itching will disappear immediately.


How often should I use DERMO TENSOR?
It depends on each skin and the time of year. Generally, in winter the skin undergoes more sudden changes in temperature, and it cracks more. That is when he is most grateful to receive the oil to recover. During the summer, the skin needs more hydration, and it may not be as necessary to add DERMO TENSOR to MARINE DNA. You have to get to know the needs of your skin according to what it manifests, and apply what feels best to you at all times.


Can I use DERMO TENSOR alone, without MARINE DNA or ANTI AGING?
Yes. Although it can be used alone, we recommend applying it together with a repairer. When applied together with MARINE DNA or ANTI AGING, they act as a vehicle for the easy absorption of the oil. They complement each other very well in the role that each one also performs.

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