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all skin types | All ages

Body moisturizer with 100% pure Aloe Vera.



It nourishesand provides aoptimal hydration to the skin.
Immediate absorption. 
Refreshing and enjoyable.
Relieves accused dryness of very sensitive skin.


How to use.


Apply to clean skin and massage.

* For best results, exfoliate first with ACTIV or a horsehair glove, to activate circulation, eliminate toxins and dead cells. In this way we will allow the total absorption of the product, breaking the barrier between dead cells and the deeper layers of skin.



Does it leave a greasy trace on the skin? 

No. None of our products are greasy. After applying it, you will feel how the skin absorbs it quickly, without leaving an oily trace on the skin. 

Can I apply it if my skin is sensitive?

Yes. Aloe is specially formulated for all skin types. Relieves itching of dry skin, and does not cause adverse reactions. 




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