Our productsrespond to a wide range of different needsof the skin.

Fromskins that simply need daily careto stay healthy and brighteven skins with greater complicationssuch as atopic, with excess sebum, (oily skin), or with dermatitis or rosacea.

We guarantee the highest quality of products in the skin care industry.


Immediate benefits of our formulas

Immediate and deep absorption- our formulasstand out for their total absorptionin a matter of seconds. No traces or sticky sensations. Guaranteed.

Non-comedogenic- our repairers have beenspecially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions in the most sensitive and reactive skin. The formulas are light and the products penetrate the skin, sodo not cause clogged pores or block skin perspiration

Alcohol-free and soap-free- you will not find any ingredient in our formulas that is counterproductive for skin hydration. We will not make you buy any product to compensate for the effects of another. For example, you won't need to apply a toner after cleansing your skin to compensate for the tightness or dryness that some cleansers cause. All our products provide the skin with what it needs, and in no case do they subtract.



About our formulas


Wax-free and fat-free emulsions.

We formulate our products without clogging waxes.

Many cosmetic creams contain heavy waxes in their emulsion and cannot penetrate the most superficial layer of the skin. It is easy to see why they leavea sticky and uncomfortable feeling on the skin and to the touch.

When we apply a product that creates a barrier on the skin, the skin does not perspire and the air particles adhere to the skin of the face, dirtying our pores.

Our cellular repairers are fast and direct absorption because they do not cause clogging and deeply hydrate the skin.

We formulate our products without fat.

None of our products contain fat. They do not leave a trace on the skin, they are fully absorbed and provide a pleasant light and refreshing sensation. We provide hydration through components such asMarine ADN.

Soap-free and alcohol-free emulsions.

Washing the skin with soap causes dryness, in addition to causing allergic reactions in some cases. That's why our facial cleanser is soap-free and doesn't cause tightness, dryness, or irritation. What's more, its pH is balanced with that of the skin, so it does not alter it.

Alcohol is another component that you will not find in our formulas. Not even in our facial cleanser. It can be irritating to the skin, especially for the most sensitive ones.

Natural ingredients in our repairers.

In our formulas we have found the perfect balance between ingredients of natural origin and the active ingredients necessary for the products to achieve the expected results. We include very effective ingredients such as almond oil extracts, apricot kernel for the microgranules of our scrub, Centella Asiatica for our anti-aging repair, Aloe Vera, Hammamelis Virginiana flower, lavender, wheat germ, and many more.



Benefits ofADN Marino.

Our repairmenMARINE DNAandANTI AGINGthey containMarine plant DNAin its emulsion. TheMarine ADNIt is a high molecular weight polymer with the special property of retaining moisture on the skin; carries up to 10,000 times its weight in water. Provides excellent hydration, in addition to many other properties;

Highlynourishing and firming
Accelerate theCell regeneration
Given its high molecular weight it is astrong moisturizer, which increases the turgor of the cells
Properties (edit)antioxidants
Natural sunscreen
Protects against free radicals
Combat stains on the skin
Fight redness on the skin