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all skin types | All ages

Peppermint mask
decongestant and moisturizing.


Decongests, hydrates, deflates and calms the skin.
Thermoregulatory and relaxing action.
Containsextract of Hammamelis Virginiana, a small tree from Nebraska with numerous properties for the skin.

How to use.

Face, Neck

Step 1. Spread an even amount on face and neck with a brush.

Step 2. Let it act for 15-20 minutes.

Step 3. Remove the excess product, using a sponge moistened in warm water to drag.

We recommend you:
For a complete treatment and amazing result, go through the complete ritual: always cleanse your skin with Total Solution first. Then do a good exfoliation with Activ. Apply Marine DNA or Anti Aging together with Dermo Tensor, and finish your routine with O2 Mask.

You will feel your skin completely hydrated and renewed.

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