Quick guide to caring for your skin


After our years of experience solving doubts, treating all skin types and advising hundreds of people on the best practices for their care, these are the five most common mistakes and that with more frequency we must clarify about the correct and conscientious skin care.

1. Wash your face with soap
At our center we explain this almost daily to new clients who believe that cleaning their face with soap is good practice. The explanation is very simple; soap dehydrates the skin. If you've been washing your face with soap, you will be familiar with the feeling of puffy skin after doing so. Daily cleaning is very important, but without drying agents. A good cleanser should respect the pH of the skin and should not contain soap or alcohol.

2. Stretch the skin around the eyes outwards
In absolutely all the cosmetic advertisements that we know of, the model applies the cream to her face, stretching the skin outward, or what is the same, giving of itself the fine skin around the eyes. If we stretch this skin in that direction, in the long run it will be irretrievably affected. The skin should always be massaged in circles and inward, or what is the same, in the direction of the eyebrow hairs, to avoid such unnecessary stretching.

3. Break capillaries
When pimples appear, which are often the cause of a hormonal imbalance and do not respond to a skin problem, we should not interrupt their cycle by trying to eliminate them by putting pressure on them. When we do this, we break tiny capillaries in the skin, and we are likely to cause a scar or mark on the skin. If, in addition, the skin is dehydrated, the mark will be even greater.

4. "Dry" the fat
Many cosmetic brands sell products indicated for "oily skin", with the function of eliminating or drying that "excess" of oil on the skin. This never works. We cannot interrupt the fat that your sebaceous glands naturally produce. What we can do to balance the skin is to provide extra hydration that compensates for the amount of fat you produce. Thus, automatically, the factors are compensated and the skin looks balanced again.

5. Extract blackheads from dehydrated skin
Many people come to our center for facial hygiene and ask us to remove blackheads, to which we are often forced to answer that we do not recommend it yet. When the skin is in a state of dehydration, (it is the most common case in most people who do not have a proper care practice) the extraction of blackheads is a mistreatment for the skin. We must hydrate it deeply first, so that when it is ready to receive the extraction, there are no unwanted marks or redness.

By simply correcting these common little mistakes, your skin's health and appearance will improve a lot in the long run.

If you want more information about your specific case, do not hesitate to contact us and request acustom planfor the care of your skin.

We will be happy to talk to you and help you feel better than ever in your own skin.


Begoña Erausquin and Maite Subias

(Founder and Co-founder of MySkin Barcelona)