5 reasons to take care of your skin

Just as many people are clear that taking care of their skin is a fundamental routine in their day to day or week, others do not give it the importance it really has.

Taking care of your skin is not only a matter of aesthetics or beauty, as it has been propagated for many years, but it has much more to do with health and care for the largest and most externally exposed organ that we have.

These are some of the reasons why we have always considered it very important to dedicate time and attention to proper skin care, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman;

1. The state of a person's skin (man or woman) greatly influences their general good or bad appearance.
Although the most purely physical, aesthetic or "beauty" aspect has never been our focus (but rather a consequence of focusing on health), it is clear that no one likes to appear neglected or older than they are. Not only because we all want to appear younger in order to like us more, but also because giving a well-cared and healthy image goes hand in hand with transmitting greater self-esteem and personal well-being. Having neat skin, like a neat haircut, clean teeth, or flattering clothes, is a reflection of the care you give yourself.

2. It is the only organ that is directly and constantly exposed to the outside.
This is no small reason why skin deserves proper care. The skin is not only constantly exposed to the sun, sudden changes in temperature, humidity, sea salt in summer, winds, heat, cold ... nowadays it is also exposed to polluting factors in the environment. In which we live; free radicals. These pollution particles stick to the pores of the skin and deteriorate its health, in addition to blocking its perspiration. And that's not all. The skin is not only a barrier to the outside, but it also eliminates the toxins that we secrete from the inside.It is very important to clean it of all the particles that it accumulates in the day to day, both outside and inside, and help youget it backthe hydration and minerals you lose.

3. Its quality is not only visible to the eye, but also to the touch.
The skin is our means of physical contact with other people. Every time we give a hug, a caress or a kiss, we put our skin in contact with that of another person, who receives a pleasant sensation of softness or roughness. Having soft skin to the touch and sight is very pleasant, both for ourselves, when we caress or hug each other, and for the people with whom we interact affectionately as well.

4. Skin problems can cause emotional problems.
When the lack of care lasts over time, problems or complications can appear. These can become very frustrating and cause social insecurities that can affect us in many aspects of our lives. The skin is the layer that covers the body, and that everyone sees. It is important to feel comfortable and safe in our suit.

5. Spending a little time a day with yourself gives a reason to slow down.
Sometimes we find it difficult to find time for ourselves. We fill ourselves with excuses to leave our most important needs last on the list of things we do. We put work, relationships, housework, and a host of other things first. Spending 10 minutes a day, whether in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night, from home, is not difficult. It is a moment of braking, and of doing something nice for yourself.


If any of these reasons resonate with you, it may be a good time to rethink skincare as a healthy habit to practice. If you have doubts or questions, whether you are new to this habit or have been trying to achieve results for a long time, contact us and we will help you in everything we can.


Good week and good routines :)

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