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More than 30 years transforming all skin types


From our physical center in the Sarrià - St Gervasi (Francesc Macià) district of Barcelona in Carrer Sagués 29 we offer personalized advice and treatments with our products and our unique and exclusive methodology; DNA Skin Method. (+ info below)

At MySkin Barcelona we not only treat our clients' skin, but also complement the treatments with relaxing therapies, providing satisfaction and care for body and mind, always in the hands of excellent professionals who adapt the sessions to your needs.


MySkin Deluxe Treatment 120€

Repairing facia l(neck and neckline) 85€

Anti-aging treatment 95€

Firming treatment 95€

Antioxidant with Vit. C 80€

Intensive treatment (peeling + hyaluronic acid) 100

Stem cell intensive (spots, wrinkles) 120€

Relaxing wellness (face, neck, neckline and cervical) 75€

Balancing hygiene 68€

SQT - Biomicroneedling (corrective treatment) 120€

Tensor treatment - lymphodrainer 98€

Indiba(corrects wrinkles and sagging) 75€

Eyebrow design 12€

Permanent and eyelash tint 55€




Skin treatments

Detox - tired legs 55€

Exfoliation and hydration of the whole bodywith relaxing massage 68€

Exfoliation and hydration(legs and arms) 48€


Vacuum therapy and reducers

Remodelante + lymphodrainer 58€

Reducing treatment with algae 55€

Pressure therapy 40min 28 €

Lymphatic drainage 65€



Relaxing with essential oils 65€

Decontracting massage 52€

Anti-stress massage 65€

Chiromassage 1h / 52 €

Chiromassage 30min / 40€



Algae / mud / Cryotherapy / € 22

Indiba zone located 30min / 45€




Aesthetic medicine

Coaching sessions

Firming HIFU


(eyes, eyebrows, lips, areolas)

Hot wax hair removal

Electric hair removal

Laser depilation



DNA Skin Method

For more than 30 years we have concentrated the extraordinary properties of Marine DNA along with other excellent ingredients in our products and have applied them to the skin of hundreds of people through our own methodology, baptized in 1998 as the DNA Skin Method.

As a result we have obtained the recovery of all skin types, of different ages, men and women and with different appearances.

Make an appointment or come to meet us to obtain a personalized treatment with our methodology or to request free advice on skin care without obligation. If you do not live in Barcelona, we encourage you to send us your questions about the care of your skin toinfo@myskinbarcelona.com.

We will be delighted to help you.